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Perfect CC Midwest specializes in mechanically polished concrete and follows manufacturer specifications for all projects across the Midwest.  Home based in Illinois, we routinely have concrete polishing & industrial flooring crews in Michigan, Indiana, Iowa & Wisconsin.  Our strict concrete polishing specifications allow us to lead the way in flooring longevity, maintenance, and manufacturer warranties. 

Be it 1,000 sf polished concrete in Iowa or 250,000 sf polished concrete in the midwest- Our large concrete polishing equipment and long term staff can make cost effective, quick work of any size area and very cost effective rates.  Start researching what your concrete polishing options maybe on our Research & Design Polished Concrete Page, click here!


The polished concrete industry is booming but unfortunately, there is no current standard for contractor procedures. It’s hard to compare finished products, equipment, and pricing in such a diverse industry. Perfect CC Midwest utilizes Silex methods to achieve proven results, floor after floor.

Silex provides industry-leading chemistry and diamond tooling to produce high-quality floors quickly and efficiently. They have developed a scientific reading system for concrete surfaces using RA surface measuring equipment. As a Silex Systems contractor, we are required to utilize RA meters during the polishing process.

“Silex System® utilizes a scientific approach in our polishing process that produces fully refined floors to their maximum potential while creating repeatable and quantifiable results. By taking this approach, we are able to provide a way to describe the exact means and methods to produce the floors the architects or owners ask for in the first place while also providing exact specifications that are consistent and are always a cut above industry standards.”


When you decide to use a professional concrete polishing company, you should look for the most experienced professionals in the industry. The process is highly technical and involves many variables that can affect the final result. This lack of knowledge and experience can be detrimental to your project. To avoid this problem, you should learn how to manage these variables. Then, you’ll be able to complete your project in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you want the highest-quality polished concrete for your business, you should hire a professional concrete polishing contractor. They have the latest tools, experience, and industry-leading products to achieve a perfect finish. In addition to their knowledge, a professional contractor also offers excellent customer service. They will guarantee you the highest-quality results.

Chemistry-Driven RA Numbers

With Silex System’s chemistry, it’s hard for competitive manufactures to live up to our polished concrete. Perfect CC Midwest embraces Silex System’s chemical hardeners, cutting agents and cleaning materials.


RA profile readings measure the concrete surface within a millionth of an inch. Typically, a MAHS profile meter drags a needle across the floors’ surface and returns with a numerical profile. The lower the RA number, the less roughness exists in floor. Therefore, the floor has a higher surface tension, promising resistance to abrasion and overall longevity.


While our concrete flooring appears highly reflective and smooth, it is not a slip hazard. Silex Systems have enhanced slip resistance rooted in RA measurements. Roughness is taken out of the floor, allowing your full footprint to make contact with the surface. More surface contact means better slip resistance.

Minimal Lifetime Cost

Protect your investment with flooring maintenance. RA Measurements can be taken to monitor the floors needs and assure fair services are being rendered. Perfect CC Midwest’s Silex Systems installers routinely check the floor and advise maintenance procedures.

Our skilled contractors take the correct maintenance measures, such as dust mopping, damp mopping and interval polishing for every project. With these actions in place, a Silex Systems Polished Concrete floor can never incur the repeated installation costs that traditional topical floors incur.


There are many environmental advantages of concrete polishing, including cost efficiency, durability, and easy sanitation. Because polished concrete is so hard and smooth, it holds fewer germs, which could mean cleaner air. A polished concrete floor would also promote a healthy environment, as it reflects natural light and makes rooms feel more open and spacious. In addition, polished concrete floors are cheaper to maintain and do not need to be replaced as often. And finally, polished concrete floors are more attractive than plain concrete.

The process of concrete polishing by a contractor includes removing grease, stains, and other imperfections from the concrete surface. In addition to removing existing coatings, the concrete surface must match the existing one. A polishing contractor will use a diamond grinding machine to remove blemishes and small pits on concrete floors. This process removes existing coatings and prepares the floor for polishing. Book an appointment with Perfect CC Midwest Inc. to get started!

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