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Perfect CC Midwest inc uses state of the art technology and in-house fabricated equipment to make quick work of concrete grinding and mechanical concrete polishing large commercial, industrial floors in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Iowa.  Our trade secrets give our clients competitive cost on highly refined polished concrete installations.  We also use modified techniques for industrial warehouse joint fill, flooring removal, commercial cooler urethane mortars, and quick cure self leveling underlayment installation.

The Difference is in The Details

Detailing Concrete Polishing Edgework
Working making final details to transition from tile to Polished Concrete Flooring.
Epoxy Flooring Installation Attention to Details

Whether concrete polishing, pouring self leveling underlayment, concrete grinding or applying an epoxy floor- Perfect CC Midwest takes every attention to detail seriously.  Not only aesthetic attention to details either- while important, the visual ‘attention to details’ are merely visual.  The underlying, ‘behind the scenes’ details can cause future flooring failures if not done correctly.  For example; all epoxy flooring contractors should be grinding your concrete floor prior to applying epoxy floor paint or two part epoxy floor coatings.  New or old, all concrete should be fully diamond ground prior to the epoxy flooring installation- this creates a rough surface profile that will grab and create the best adherence for the epoxy floor coating.  More difficult to the untrained eye- knowing when your concrete floor is correctly ground to take the epoxy floor coating.  Merely putting any diamond under a grinder and grinding the concrete slab is not a guarantee in terms of correctly prepping the concrete floor for an epoxy floor coating.  Grinding a concrete floor with the wrong diamond grit and especially bond hardness can do more harm than good.  For example, when grinding a hard concrete slab with a hard bond diamond- no matter the grit, the diamond skips and scratches across the concrete surface rather than abrading, removing the cement surface and achieving the correct surface profile for the epoxy floor coating.  While you my get some dust coming from the grinding machine, a close look at the concrete slab will show fine pencil like scratch marks that are gray, black in color with no depth.  That is because the hardness of the concrete and diamond are not allowing either tool to wear and merely generating heat and actually ‘sealing’ up the top of the surface further.

Husqvarna Concrete Polishing Equipment

What Goes Into the Cost of A Professional Industrial Concrete Surface Estimate?

  • Heavy equipment transportation.  While most equipment is small in size whereas can fit through a standard doorway, all items are typically over 1000lbs.  And one unit will not suffice on large projects.  Add to that large heavier ride on units, floor scrubbers, electric cables, work boxes and transformers…Heavy truck and trailer units with required permitting and licensing is required.
  • Vehicle, Liability and Workman’s Comp Insurance.  Due to the heavy equipment to move, heavy strain on works and risks with concrete grinding such as 480v equipment- proper insurance protecting the work as well as the client must be paid.  An under insured concrete polishing company can become a nightmare, if an accident were to arise, for a client merely wanting a long term polished concrete floor.
  • Cost of Marketing.  Getting the name, brand and experience relayed to prospects requires professional marketing.  Online banners, websites, brochures and other informational handouts during site visits.
  • Investment in long term, concrete polishing equipment.  Correct grinding machines, associated dust collection vacuums, slurry removal auto scrubbers… while cheaper units are available- a quality concrete polishing contractor will purchase higher cost concrete polishing and refinement equipment to reduce costly and embarrassing onsite breakdowns which truly affect the clients’ project timeline.
  • Vehicle, Trailer and Equipment routine maintenance.  Oil Changes, bearings, chains, electric and propane motors all require routine maintenance and by a professionally trained mechanic.  Most serious, high quality concrete grinding and concrete polishing companies have an in-house concrete polishing equipment mechanic.
  • Research & Design.  A fast growing trade, the epoxy flooring and concrete polishing market sees new equipment and materials released daily.  Training and researching new concrete polishing methods or epoxy floor coating materials is done at the quality concrete resurfacing companies expense.  Achieving a more efficient concrete polishing method or more abrasive resistant epoxy floor coating is an immediate benefit passed on to the concrete resurfacing customer.
Fabricated Concrete Polishing Equipment