Concrete Polishing

Perfect CC Midwest specializes in mechanically polished concrete and follows manufacturer specifications for all projects across the Midwest. Our strict concrete polishing specifications allow us to lead the way in flooring longevity, maintenance, and manufacturer warranties.

Silex Systems® Certified Concrete Polishing Contractors

The polished concrete industry is booming but unfortunately, there is no current standard for contractor procedures. It’s hard to compare finished products, equipment, and pricing in such a diverse industry. Perfect CC Midwest utilizes Silex methods to achieve proven results, floor after floor.

Silex provides industry-leading chemistry and diamond tooling to produce high-quality floors quickly and efficiently. They have developed a scientific reading system for concrete surfaces using RA surface measuring equipment. As a Silex Systems contractor, we are required to utilize RA meters during the polishing process.

“Silex System® utilizes a scientific approach in our polishing process that produces fully refined floors to their maximum potential while creating repeatable and quantifiable results. By taking this approach, we are able to provide a way to describe the exact means and methods to produce the floors the architects or owners ask for in the first place while also providing exact specifications that are consistent and are always a cut above industry standards.”