Floor Removal

Removing tile, VCT, Wood, Epoxy, and Carpet

Perfect CC Midwest can remove the toughest industrial flooring quickly and efficiently. Our specialized floor removal equipment allows for quick removal and grinding of carpet and tile glue. We offer floor removal options for a variety of floors and facilities. Because of the heavy-weight, large engines and speed of our removal equipment, many 10,000 sq ft flooring sections are easily removed during closed hours of the facility.

Returning End of Lease Spaces to Prior Condition

Save On Floor Installation Costs

Perfect CC Midwest’s ability to grind the concrete surface after removing floor coverings allows floor installers less cost in preparation, leveling compounds and surface repair materials. The grinding also aids in providing a flatter installation surface.

Our Large fleet of Husqvarna grinders also gives capability of removing the glues, mortars and any mastics below those flooring surfaces, leaving a pristine concrete palette for other contractors to re-floor. As an added cost incentive to facility and project managers, flooring installation is performed quicker on grinded, flat surfaces than atop old mortars and glues.

The Husqvarna Difference

Husqvarna’s Dual Drive Technology is a unique patented arrangement with twin-motor technology for grinding discs and planetary. This enables total control of heads speed and direction. Husqvarna increases production rates, enhances operator control and allows for a wider range of applications compared to any other planetary machine.

Our equipment allows us to reduce tear-our time while thoroughly removing the floor, especially when compared to conventional methods. Our method is fast, easy, and cost effective.

Surface Prep

Upon flooring removal, many surfaces aren’t yet ready for new flooring application due to underlying mastics, thinsets and ceramic mortars. Perfect CC Midwest prepares surfaces for commercial and industrial floors for concrete, epoxy, and other floor treatments.

A well-prepared floor reduces downtime, making it easier for the contractor to install new flooring system. With our crew on site, your floor will be free of debris and adhesives, giving you a fresh start. We utilize a full range of equipment, achieving flooring removal of commercial and industrial facilities.

  • A flatter substrate is achieved
  • Less leveling compounds used
  • Quicker removal turnarounds
  • Vacuumed, ready for installation upon our level
  • Competitively priced

We Utilize Propane & Battery Ride On Floor Removal Equipment

  • Dual Drive Technology

    Fully independent control of both planetary and satellite grinding heads: able to have independent speeds and directions of rotation, enabling enables higher production rates.

  • Triple-Headed Grinder

    More downward pressure and power can be delivered to grinding heads, allow for more stable operation.

  • Gear-Driven Planetary Head

    Premium quality belt for powering grinding heads.