Grocery Store Floor Renovations

Perfect CC Midwest has set the standard for open grocery store remodels. We carry the necessary equipment, materials, and procedures to perform sectional floor renovations during the closed hours of supermarkets. We have grocery store floor renovations down to a science.

Our expert crew is able to complete concrete polishing and epoxy installation, allowing stores to reopen for business in the morning. No longer do stores need to lose revenue over renovation closures or even aisle displacement. Store employees and customers are able to utilize the space without any downtime.
Our polished concrete and epoxy services keep grocery stores up to the industry standard for easy cleanup, sanitation, and safety. Markets have high foot-traffic, and our flooring options are not only beautiful, but durable.

Gondola Moving

When it comes to floor care, grocery stores and retail centers have the unique challenge of gondola shelving. Perfect CC Midwest has gondola moving equipment. This allows us to enter upon store close and lift entire gondola shelves and fixtures with product intact.

We are able to quickly and efficiently move shelves and products out of the work area. We then complete the project with polished concrete or a fast-curing epoxy installation in the designated area. We move the stocked gondola back into its original location prior to store opening.

As If We Were Never There

Perfect CC Midwest takes pride in our clean procedures. Our detail-oriented crew completes each project thoroughly and neatly. This is reflected in our motto, “As if we were never there.” You’ll be left with shiny, new piece of flooring with none of the mess or cleanup.

Most of our Open Grocer Remodels are performed owner-direct. We find this to be the best approach for scheduling and phasing work areas throughout store. Call us today for a consultation and to get started with brand new hard surface floors in your market without lost revenue. 630-615-1331