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Perfect CC Midwest specializes in mechanically polished concrete and follows manufacturer specifications for all projects across the Midwest. Our strict concrete polishing specifications allow us to lead the way in flooring longevity, maintenance, and manufacturer warranties.

Industrial, Commercial, and Warehouse Epoxy Coatings Installation

Perfect CC Midwest provides certified epoxy coatings installation on large projects throughout the Midwest. Our applicators have received manufacture application training and have the industry experience to properly prepare the concrete substrate for the epoxy coatings. Their expert application reduces crack and spall shadow in the topcoat.

Epoxy is ideal for resurfacing concrete floors. It can turn an old, cracked concrete floor into a new, shiny, smooth surface. Epoxy can increase a floor light reflectivity up to 300%.

As with all Perfect CC Midwest flooring installations, the correct coating type will be determined based on your current substrate condition, use of facility, and budgetary requirements. Perfect CC Midwest lays out all flooring options in a lifetime cost vs. warranty period standpoint to clients.

All epoxy flooring options by Perfect CC Midwest can be considered lifetime floors by utilizing our Maintenance Template, created for your building over a 12-month period after epoxy installation.

Perfect CC Midwest is proud of offer Florock epoxy flooring as a durable option for highly trafficked facilities.


Perfect CC Midwest carries manufacture certifications in various types of Epoxy Flooring, allowing clients warrantied options to best suit their facility. Our Main Epoxy Options: Epoxy Mortar Systems, Quartz Aggregated, Sand Aggregated, ESD Coatings, Decorative Metallic Epoxy, Waterproof Membranes


We carry large surface preparation equipment, allowing us to prepare the concrete surface for epoxy with minimal downtime to the facility. We also carry our own line of epoxy quick patch materials, many drying in less than seven minutes. These allow for quick processing from preparation to application.


Perfect CC Midwest analyzes the future replacement and interim maintenance cost when providing your facility epoxy flooring options. Lower cost installation options can often times withstand the life of the more expensive, excessive options by keeping up on floor maintenance routines such as cleaning and interim top-coating. By correctly maintaining an epoxy coating, we can extend the life of your floor and prevent premature replacement.