Flooring Removal Contractors

By utilizing Large rider flooring removal equipment, our flooring removal contractors are able to remove large floor areas in minimal down time to the building. Our Fleet of ride on Terminator Floor Removal machines allows us to move on average 10,000 sf of flooring per shift. Our Large fleet of Husqvarna grinders also gives us the added capability of removing the glues, mortars and any mastics below those flooring surfaces- leaving a pristine new concrete palette for other contractors to re-floor.

  • Minimal Building Downtime

    Because of the heavy weight, large engines and speed of our removal equipment, many 10,000 sf flooring sections are easily removed in the nighttime closed operations of the facility.

  • Save On Flooring Installation Costs

    Perfect CC Midwest’s ability to grind the concrete surface after removing floor coverings affords floor installers less cost in preparation, leveling compounds and surface repair materials. The grinding also aids in providing a flatter installation surface. As an added cost incentive to facility and project managers; flooring installation is performed quicker on grinded, flat surfaces than atop old mortars and glues.

  • Gondola Moving

    Perfect CC Midwest carries gondola moving equipment, allowing us to move store fixtures during the closed hours of the store. These fixtures are easily moved without the facility staff needing to remove product. Perfect CC Midwest moves the gondolas during the closed hours of the building, removes the floor and re-positions the gondolas prior to the morning store open hour.