Silex Systems Certified Concrete Polishing Contractors

Perfect CC Midwest provides concrete polishing in accordance with the Silex SystemsPolished Concrete Specification. The Polished Concrete industry is currently in an excessive ‘boom’ and unfortunately, there is no current standard for contractor procedure let-alone final results of the Polished Concrete surface. Architects & Building Owners beware, Polished Concrete is not sold in a box at your local Depot Outlet. Products, Equipment and Associated Contractors are not created equal and more haphazardly; neither is pricing. Without forcing bidding Polished Concrete Contractors to supply their ‘Concrete Polishing Manufacture Specification’, Architects & Building Owners have no means of comparing true pricing and attempting to make ‘Apples to Apples’ connections in such a diverse, unregulated industry.

Even once specified; how can architects and building owners test and hold their installers accountable for the process and associated results?  Enter Silex Systems.  Not only does Silex provide industry leading chemistry and diamond tooling to provide higher quality floors quicker & more efficiently- Silex Systems has developed a scientific reading system of the concrete surface using RA Surface Measuring Equipment.

The few Silex Systems Contractors throughout the U.S. are required to utilize the RA Meters during the polishing process.  The Silex Systems Concrete Polishing contractor takes reads after each step in the diamond polishing process and; dependent on their floor reading in the ‘millionth of an inch’, they may or may not proceed to the next sequential step in the polishing process.

Once the Silex Systems Concrete Polishing Contractor has reached the final step in their concrete polishing process, the gloss and final RA Surface profile readings results excel that of typical, un-monitored concrete polishing systems.  The RA means of measurement in the concrete polishing process also guarantees the architect, owner or specifier consistency between various projects and even various polished concrete contractors if using the same chemistry and RA Profile Reading system.

  • Owner, Architect Regulated

    Because all Silex Systems Contractors base the sequencing of diamond abrasives on the RA Profile Readings the , the specifier or even purchaser has the ability to take their own performance check or request foreman data readings.

    When other lack luster polished concrete systems are performed, the specifier must confide in the honesty of the contracted firm and staff that all said ‘specification measures are being taken’.  Even in the instance that said polished concrete specification is being performed in full; no two companies let alone machine operators move identically- simply proving inconsistent results throughout the floor if they don’t have a measurement system to base off prior to sequencing to the next steps.

  • Chemistry Putting RA Numbers Well Beyond The Future

    Silex System’s chemistry brought by their chemical hardeners, cutting agents and even cleaning materials put’s their final RA measurements so low, it’s hard for competitive manufactures to embrace the RA readings system and compete in a “performance measured polished concrete world”.

  • Abrasion-resistant

    The concept of RA Profile Readings is to measure the concrete surface within the ‘millionth of an inch’   Typically a MAHS profile meter is used that drags a needle across the floors’ surface and returns the said numerical profile.  The lower the RA number, the less the roughness of the floor.  Therefore, the higher surface tension and resistance to abrasion and promise of overall longevity.

  • Slip-resistant

    While appearing highly reflective and smooth, and the thought of highly reduced profile creating slip hazards, Silex Systems correctly RA measured floors have enhanced slip resistance.  This is due to the roughness taken out of the surface; allowing the full object footprint to contact the surface.  A rubber shoe making 90% floor contact rather than 75% has a better slip resistance.

  • Minimal lifetime cost

    By taking the correct maintenance measures such as dust mopping, damp mopping and interval polishing, a Silex Systems Polished Concrete floor can never incur the repeated installation costs that traditional topical floors incur.  By having the Silex Systems installer routinely check the floor and advise or even perform the minimal maintenance procedures; RA Measurements can be taken to monitor the floors needs and assure fair services are being rendered, not exaggerated not undermining of the floors’ needs.