Epoxy Coatings & Mortars

High Performance Epoxy Coatings & Mortars

Perfect CC Midwest offers urethane flooring options to protect floors against stains, damage, oil chemicals, and wear-and-tear. This durable, high-performance coating is a long-lasting choice for several facilities.

Urethane mortars are ideal for the food and beverage industry because it allows for a seamless and smooth floor coating that is moisture and heat resistant. This surface can tolerate larger temperature variations and easily handles humidity. This flooring option can also be chemical resistant to lactic acids.

Urethane is commonly preferred in laboratory or industrial settings because it is resistant to UV light, allowing its color and finish to remain true and vibrant. It will not yellow like other flooring materials. Unlike urethane, epoxy is not resistant to ultraviolet and often changes color immediately when exposed to UV rays.

Urethane is highly flexible and adaptive, allowing for floors to withstand rain or shine, movement, and a variety of activities. This makes it a common choice for garages and automotive workshops. Our urethane flooring options remain smooth, even under extreme conditions. It absorbs impact and is even more abrasion resistant than other industrial flooring options.

For heavy duty industries, like warehouses and logistic centers with forklift traffic, epoxy floors are recommended.